Sunday, 19 July 2015

Photo a Day - July Week 3 - Lazy days of Summer and a little history lesson!

July is whizzing by at an astonishing rate, though life is more relaxed, no alarms to wake to. 
Lazy days of Summer, walks in the forest and hanging out with my girls, adventures on 
the horizon. Out last summer in Europe, we have much to fit in!

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
Chinese Chops
The Chinese use a "chop" with red ink for legal documents instead of a signature. 
They are typically made of stone. We have one each and sign letters and postcards with them.

The life and times of Ralph
Sticky Situation
Ralph often finds himself in this sticky situation. He puts his ball down...and it rolls under the gate where he can't reach it. He has developed a special yip which alerts me to the situation 
and I go to rescue his ball.

The life and times of Ralph
Another of Ralph's "sticky" situations!

Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Begins with "T"
Just had to be my Trees I visit every day. Just love my forest!

Distorted Rose
A distorted part of my garden!

Summer Rose
The original photo

Bricked in window, Frankfurt, Germany
Germany has some gorgeous brickwork, also many bricked up windows like the UK. 
In the UK during the 18th century a "Window Tax" was charged, based on the number of windows in the residence. Many people bricked up windows to avoid paying the tax, though they lost the fresh air and light with the windows bricked up. The people said that they were robbed of their daylight due to the tax and it is where the term "Daylight Robbery" comes from.

The life and times of Ralph
Good Sport
Ralph is always a good sport at helping me out with photo a day prompts. 
This was for "Something beginning with R"
Ralph, Rose, Red ball and collar!

Children, Miao Sister Festival, Guizhou, China
These two children, dressed in traditional Miao Minority costume, 
holding hands at their "Sister Festival" were so cute!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Photo a Day in July - Week 2. A week of castles, culture and a bit of fresh air!

We had a week filled with castles, forest walks and cool fresh air after last week's heatwave. 
Lots of beautiful blue skies to enjoy. Nice to get out and about!
Though a Shanghai Napper did sneak in!

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
Enjoy my week.
Marksburg Castle, Rhine River, Germany
Rule of Thirds
Another day...another castle. This is Marksburg Castle we found yesterday on 
our drive along the Rhine River.

Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Vanishing Point
Ralph, the dog and I vanish around this point nearly every day!

Robyn's Shanghai nappers
Any time is bedtime when you have an empty tricycle after a hard day's work!

My week in ...Germany!
From our front gate to our forest, Heidelberg Castle and Eltz Castle.

Biebrich Palace in Wiesbaden, Germany
Just another day
Just another castle discovered. Seems to be my week of castles, 
we have found one at every corner it seems!
This is Biebrich Palace in Wiesbaden, built in 1702.

Our home is filled with technology, my husband builds computers and writes apps as a hobby.
The only thing this old motherboard is good for now it to be a photography model...
but alas ...he will not throw it out!

Frankfurt has many layers. Financial centre of Europe. Commerce, culture, education, tourism.
This is the fountain of justice, first built in 1543 and the buildings of Romerberg, rebuilt after the war,
layered with Stolperstein I found nearby. A layer of Frankfurt and Europe never to be forgotten.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Photo a Day in July - Week 1. Goodbye June, Hello July..why on earth is 2015 going so fast???

Where oh where is the time going, how can it possibly be July already?
Frankfurt has had a hot week...even this little family of Aussies has been feeling the heat, 
40C yesterday! Most of the of the week was spent finding ways to cool down.
We spent today escaping our sauna of a house, in our air conditioned car on a road trip to 
see a little bit more of beautiful Germany and discovered a spectacular castle.
Enjoy my week.

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
I'm off to have a nice cold G&T, 7.30pm and still 38C!

Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai, China
Let's go
Let's go and jump on the next plane departing, wherever it is going and head off on a 
mystery adventure! Have always wanted to do day!

Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Thankful for so many things. Thankful that although today is the last day that my husband works in Germany, he has a six month contract to keep us here and allow us to land gently back home in Australia instead of a mad upheaval...and to see a bit more of Europe too. 
So thankful for my forest, my daily walks clear my mind and cleanse my soul.
Taken April 2015, the last of my archive month of June!

Romerplatz, Frankfurt, Germany
Wonder in the world
So many wonders in our world, so much beauty, so much adversity overcome to make the world a better place. I wonder at the Romerplatz in Frankfurt, mostly destroyed in WW2, 
rebuilt and reinvigorated, now home to many festival and visited by people from all over the world. 
Setting up for a festival now, had to be creative to get a shot with no scaffolding!

Ralph the dog in Germany
Ralph is quite adventurous in our forest, though today was a little warm for our Irish dog... 
so he was more adventurous in the cool stream as long as someone was willing to throw his ball.

White Swans, Main River, Frankfurt, Germany
These little cygnets rely on the leadership of their parents to guide and teach them.
Love that swans mate for life.
Nearly joined them for a swim on a hot and humid day in Frankfurt.

A reflection of me
I asked my husband and girls to pick a few items from around the house that reflect
who I am, this is what they came up with...and a few others that wouldn't fit.
They are all reflections of me!

Castle Eltz, Moselle Valley, Wierschem, Germany
Begins with "W"
Wald is forest in German, we visited this gorgeous Wald/Forest today in Wierschem in the Moselle valley...and nestled in the forest was this gorgeous castle...the Burg Eltz...
has been in the same family for 33 generations

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Photo a Day in June Week 4, Five countries in one week

It has been quite a week for my little family, the girls have studied hard, 
finished their final exams  and are now happily on Summer holiday. 
My husband has been to the UK to sign the contract that will keep us in Europe until December. 
It is all coming together finally. 
This time last year we were in the UK for my older daughter's school prom.
Today we were meant to arrive in Perth for our summer holiday and to catch up with 
family and friends. Life can change in an instant, we all need to make the most of every day 
and all be kind to one another, you never know what is around the corner.

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.

Chinese New Year Fireworks, Shanghai, China
Nothing quite as loud...or spectacular as Chinese New Year fireworks in China.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Tickled Pink
I was tickled pink this time last year when my younger daughter and I got to go to Paris and 
catch up with our gorgeous Aussie friends who we met in Shanghai. 
So nice to see some friendly, familiar faces in such a spectacular city. 
They gave me a book, The Light Between the Oceans, by M. L. Stedman, 
based in my home state, Western Australia...great book and I was tickled pink to share it with my book club and discuss it today with my Frankfurt friends...the world is small and friendly!

Robyn in the London Eye
I have been into photography since I was a little girl and took a box brownie everywhere. 
I never leave home without a camera...or two. This is me on the London Eye on my birthday in 2010

Tulip, Keukenhof, The Netherlands
Stands out in a crowd
This tulip stood out from the crowd of yellow blooms in Keukenhof, The Netherlands, April 2015

Big Ben, London, England
Tick Tock
Goes the world's most famous clock. Appropriate for today as my husband is in the UK 
signing our contract to stay in Germany until December. Tick Tock...the countdown to 
the end of our time living in Europe is on!

The Big Day
Was a big day, the day I married my long lost love, on my late Mum's birthday in a favourite spot. 
A new family was formed. The day was the beginning of big things, a move to Shanghai 
a month later. A big day that was so right. Have never looked back.

Aussie Bush, Toodyay, Western Australia
Timeless Beauty
The good Aussie Bush, towering trees, scenting the air with the smell of Eucalyptus, the huge blue sky, the red dirt. We were meant to land in Perth this morning, for our "Summer" holiday which was changed for our move home in January 2016...we will have to wait a while longer to breathe in the 
warm, fresh air smelling of home.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Forty winks Friday - Delivery Dozes

When you have delivered goods all morning, the trolley makes a perfect 
little spot for a nap before the afternoon work begins!

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Photo a Day in June Week 3, People and places that have touched our lives

Funny how a picture can transport you back in time.
Back to an alley in Shanghai, a beach in Croatia, a festival in Germany.
Another week of rekindled memories, moments in time relived.
We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to so many
incredible places and be touched, even for a moment by the people on our expat journey

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.

On the Streets of Shanghai
In China, work is very manual as labour is cheap and plentiful. 
This happy guy was very masculine, as he caught and then tossed bricks in his little 'chain gang' 
on a building site! He was so busy smiling for me that he didn't catch those bricks... 
they hit him and he laughed it off! Masculine!

Miao Sister Festival, Guizhou, China
Beautiful, silver hat - A head dress at the "Sister's Festival" in Guizhou, China. 
I had to choose a photo from China today as it was three years ago to the day that
 we left and our lives in Shanghai came to an end.

Cavtat Bay, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Begins with "C"
Cavtat bay, Croatia. Just Glorious!

Magdalen College, Oxford, England
Inside Magdalen College, Oxford, looking out from the verandah.
I loved living close to this beautiful city in England.

PJ's on the streets of Shanghai
A casual stroll to the shops in your PJ's and rollers in the hair!

Shanghai Bride
All dressed up
All dressed up in her wedding finery...and a pair of jeans.
In China, they often have the Wedding photos taken months before or after the big day 
and will don the dress over their normal clothes. I would see brides wearing sneakers as often 
as I saw people in their PJ's

Fasching Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany
The city of Wiesbaden put on quite a performance at "Fasching" this year.
I am so going to miss the German Festivals when we leave. So much colour and fun. 
We have been to China, Croatia and England in my archives this week...
best to finish with Germany, my host country!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Forty Winks Friday - Improvised Bedding

What do you do when you have read your newspaper?
Why you lay it out on the nearest step, use your bag as a pillow and have a nap!

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers