Friday, 22 August 2014

Forty Winks Friday. Another Croatian Napper

All that salt water and fresh air can make you sleepy
and what a view to wake up to!

Robyn's Nappers

Beautiful Mali Ston, Croatia

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lapad Bay, leisurely, lovely, Lapad Bay

 After a very hectic few weeks and two days of nine hour drives, our
two week Croatian holiday started with the family pact of:
'No driving and leisurely days unwinding in Lapad Bay for the first four days'

Lapad Bay is a peninsula located about 3 km Northwest from the Old Town
and is where we stayed for our Dubrovnik adventure.
A perfect place to relax and let the stresses of everyday life fall away.
We filled our four days walking along the seaside paths by the Adriatic, looking out to the 
Elaphite Islands. The sea such a beautiful azure blue, enticing us to head down one
of the many paths to the sea, and dive into the clear, warm water.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

We hired pedal boats and made some fabulous memories,
swimming, snorkelling and having fun in the sea.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

Little, private seaside platforms were discovered, nestled in between
cliffs covered in greenery, places to soak up the sun, refresh in the clear, blue water.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

The promenade has lots of seaside restaurants and bars to stop and recharge,
a place to enjoy the scenery, taste the spectacular, fresh and delicious
local seafood... sample the local wine! 

Casa Restaurant, Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

Walks around the area uncovered, the port. Boats languidly waiting to take tourists
island hopping, fishing boats back with the catch of the day. 

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

The salt in the air revitalizing, the scenery so beautiful.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

Watching the sun set from our apartment after four days of
relaxing bliss, a calmness enveloped us, worries overthrown.
It is amazing how you can feel like a local in just a few days. 
We were settled in, ready to look further afield, ready for adventure!

Sunset, Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

12 Things that made me fall in love with Croatia

I have been fortunate to have travelled to many different countries, soaked up cultures,
even the opportunity to live in China, England and now Germany.
There isn't a place that I have visited that I would not want to go back to,
but there are a few that have stolen a piece of my heart forever.

Turkey was the first, my backpacking trip there in my twenties was amazing.
Friendly people, beautiful landscape, the experience of standing on the shores at Gallipoli.
 I have been hankering to get back to Turkey ever since.

Then China, ahhh China. So beautiful, so diverse. From the bright lights 
of Shanghai to the minority groups in Guizhou, the cultures, the food!
I could go back to live in China tomorrow.

Now I have finally discovered Croatia!
A place I have always wanted to visit.
Another piece of my heart goes to this wonderful country.

1. Dubrovnik Old Town, a joy to walk around, soak up the history, culture,
and sample local food.

2. The Walk on the Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik, the history learned....

City Wall, Old Town, Dubrovnik

...and the views!

City Wall, Old Town, Dubrovnik

3. The Cable Car and the views over Dubrovnik from The Mount of Srdj

Cable Car Dubrovnik Old Town

4. The stunning Croatian countryside and fresh produce.

Farmland Croatia

5. The history of Croatia, including 'The European Great Wall'

Mali Ston, Old Wall, Croatia

6. The gorgeous fishing villages.

Mali Ston, Old Wall, Croatia

7. The warm, clear, azure blue sea, spectacular to look at, delightful to swim in.

Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

8. The beautiful port, the smell of salt water and wooden boats bobbing in the breeze.

Port, Dubrovnik

9. The people, laid back and friendly!

Musician, Old Town, Dubrovnik

Embroidery, Cavtat, Croatia

10. The food...oh the freshest and sweetest of oysters!

Mali Ston, Oysters

11. The Croatian wine. Superb!

Croatian White Wine, Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

12. The sunsets!

Sunset, Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik

Sunset, Mount Srdj, Dubrovnik

Sunset, Cavtat, Croatia

Stay tuned for more of the delights of Croatia.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Forty Winks Croatia

 I knew that if I concentrated hard enough, a napper would appear before me...
and after a very hot climb on a very old wall in the town of Ston...
I found a Croatian Napper!
Looks very comfortable doesn't he!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunset surprise and a lesson learned!

99.9% of the time I carry my camera with me and I always regret
the 0.1% of time that I don't!

Last night we went to the airport to pick up a friend, a quick trip there and back, so I left my camera behind.
We arrived at the airport to learn that our friend's plane was delayed. We had two hours to kill,
at sunset in Dubrovnik...and my camera was nestled in my our apartment!

At least I had my phone...

Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not a bad place to while away some time...and I will now carry my camera 100% of the time!